You’ll Never Guess What the Most Common iPhone Password Is

Who puts an iPhone in the grass? Really.
Quick, when you think of an iPhone user, what kind of person do you envision? Not to stereotype here -- or be presumptuous -- but I'm thinking you're thinking of someone who's sort of young, makes a decent living, and all-in-all is pretty tech savvy. Am I right? Well, you're wrong.

New research suggests that iPhone users are in fact dumb, lazy, and lack a shred of creativity. Well, just to be clear, the research doesn't use those exact terms per se, but when you hear what the majority of iPhone passcodes is, it kind of goes without saying. Ready for your solid pre-weekend laugh?


The number one passcode is 1-2-3-4! And closely behind that are passcodes: 0000, vertical row 2580, 1111, and 5555. (The top ten list was published, but none are as funny as "1234".) Is it really that much effort to program your mom's birthday or your childhood address into your phone? These passcodes are an embarrassment.

The research was conducted by iPhone app developer Daniel Amitay, and he points out that while there are literally 10,000 different number combinations to choose from, 15 percent of users choose one of ten passcodes. So, I guess we can say iPhone users are also derivative.

As an iPhone user who doesn't have one of these passcodes, and who doesn't necessarily fancy herself as particularly "young, rich, and technically savvy" (and that really is what the iPhone demographic is), I have to say I feel kind of awesome right now. I love my iPhone to death, but I'm not one of those super-iPhone users who knows the phone inside and out, and looks dumbfounded when others haven't traded stock or downloaded some obscure app on it. Look at me funny all you want, super users. At least I can say I'm original.

What's your iPhone passcode? Just kidding. Kind of.


Image via MJ/TR('.w.)/Flickr

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