New Robin Williams Nintendo Commercial Has an Amazing Twist! (VIDEO)

robin williamsIf I were to name my kid after a Nintendo character, Toadette would be at the top of my list, Princess Peach would be a close second, and King Boo would come in third. Robin Williams, apparently a fellow Nintendo fan, named his daughter Zelda, after, of course, the game Legend of Zelda. If being Robin Wiliams' daughter wasn't kooky enough, being named after a video game princess really brings it home.

But whatever trauma she may have suffered having an odd name and an odd parent might have ended up being worth it -- she and her dad star in the latest Nintendo commercial for the latest Zelda game in the time-tested series. The ad, nearly too cute for words, makes me nostalgic for nights spent in my moldy basement playing the game and eating Doritos snack mix. It also fills me with a deep desire to stab some pig-like enemies with a shimmering, retractable sword.


The latest in the famous quest series, titled Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, comes out tomorrow, June 17. If I had the same amount of time on my hands as I did when I was a fifth grader out for summer, I'd certainly buy this and not emerge from a dark cave of gaming 'til I'd saved the princess and the kingdom from the evil Prince of Darkness. I'd drink only Sprite and eat only cheesy things that have the words "snack" and "mix" on their bags, and I'd play 'til my thumbs bled.

Alas, I'm employed and would like to keep it that way, so I'll have to pass. But the commercial does its damnedest to get me to buy it. The human Zelda was chosen in 2007 as one of People Magazine's 100 Most Beautiful People and her eyes in the short spot light up the screen and actually convince me that she's a princess to be treasured and revered. And Robin, the Link to her Zelda, seems genuinely warm, caring, and of course, good humored.

Watch the ad for the touching interaction between father and daughter, and for the familiar Zelda gaming sounds that will pull at your heartstrings, too.

Did you ever play Zelda?

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