Hide Your Kids: Google Just Made Web Surfing Easier

googleGoogle doesn't just want to make you dumb, lazy, and anti-social. They want to make you confused and borderline mute-like, as well. Their latest endeavor is Search by Image. And it does exactly what it says.

All you have to do is see something you like/want to know more about -- yet ... don't know the name for? -- and drag and drop the image, or cut and paste the image, into the Google search bar. Beep-boop-bop-boop-beep-boop-bop, Google finds it for you. Magic! Totally pointless, kind-of-a-pain magic!


First thing's first, call me lazy (and I won't necessarily deny it; I haven't stood since 9), but this seems like kind of a lot of work. Like, say you see something shiny and glittery (everybody loves shiny, glittery things) on the street one day. You have to take a picture of the glittershine. Upload the glittershine. Then search the glittershine. Wouldn't it just be easier to punch in "glittershine" into your computer? I don't know, maybe it's not all that much work. Don't listen to me, I'm lazy, remember?

And secondly, what about the fun of the chase? Anybody? No? Wouldn't you feel more gratified after finding an object you wanted to know about online yourself with the help of Google, as opposed to Google just doing all the work for you? You could stumble upon some awesome things along the way. (Side note -- I do think if Search by Image can identify clothes, that would be awesome. No more awkwardly going up to strangers on the street to say, "I love your shoes. Where can I copy you from did you get them?")

I don't know, the fact that the technology is available is cool, albeit scary, but I just really don't see a point to this -- that is, unless you're 5 and don't know how to type (but know how to take and upload photos). I mean, how often is it that you don't know what you're looking at? And if you don't know, just ask somebody. But I guess if you did that, you would have to be social. And Google doesn't like you being social. At least not in person.

What do you think of Search by Image?


Image via Robert Scoble/Flickr

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