Football Player Who Saved Drowning Boy Proves Lockout Is a Good Thing

poolI'd imagine Leonard Pope and Bryson Moore, the 6-year-old drowning boy whose life he saved, are pretty happy there is an NFL lockout right now.

The Kansas City Chiefs' tight end was on his way out of a barbecue when he noticed two little hands -- and no head -- flailing about in the water. He didn't miss a beat. He "just reacted" and ran to the pool and dove right in, wallet, cellphone, clothes, and all. Apparently, Bryson, who obviously doesn't know how to swim, slipped into the deep end while the other kids were playing. It took a few moments for someone to even notice him.

If this was a "normal" year, Pope would have been in Kansas City working out -- and who knows what would have happened to Bryson. Guess there are a few good things coming from this lockout, after all.


Of course, I'm sure many players -- and many, many fans -- would prefer the lockout to just end already. What will happen to their beloved sport? Will it ever start up? (Right now, it doesn't really look that way!) But maybe the time off isn't such a bad thing for the athletes. I'm sure Bryson and his mom, Anne, would agree. In fact, after Pope's heroic act, Anne thinks the lockout is happening for a reason. She believes Pope was "placed here to save [her] son from drowning." I'm not typically one to buy into that crazy voodoo stuff, but maybe she's right.

Aside from allowing the players to spend more time with their families and friends, I'd imagine (read, hope) the time off is giving the players the opportunity to realize that there is more to life than sports. Whether it be going to a barbecue with friends or simply going to the movies, these guys probably don't get to enjoy these things that often. And I hope they appreciate it when they can.

That said, get it together, guys. There's football to be played.

What do you think about the lockout?


Image via Sancho Papa/Flickr

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