Mitt Romney Shows What Bruins Fans Are Made Of (VIDEO)

mitt romneyHockey fans sat in front of their TVs with their jaws gaping last night, as the Boston Bruins kicked the Vancouver Canucks boooootay in the first period, jumping to a 4-0 lead in just minutes. But the audience gathered in New Hampshire at the Republican debate wasn't privy to the exciting news -- until former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney announced the score to the crowd.

Watch as Mitt shares the news with the crowd, sneaking it in there, just after he answers a totally ridiculous question about spicy or mild wings at a BBQ ...


Now, that's a real Bruins fan right there. Being that Romney was Governor of Massachusetts, it's no wonder he was on top of the score. Those New England fans (including many New Hampshire-ites) take their teams -- and hockey team, the Bruins -- very seriously. And last night's game had everyone on the edge of their seats -- even Mitt, it seems. So, it's no wonder Romney's aide gave him the scoop on the score during a bathroom break. He was probably wishing he could have skipped out on the GOP debate just so he could have been watching Game 6 live.

To be honest, Romney would never be my candidate for PotUS. But I give him props for being a loyal Bruins fan and delivering the score to other loyal fans. Not everyone has picture-in-picture anymore (does anyone have or use that feature anymore, actually?) and the live audience for the debate had no choice but to check their smartphones manically for the score. Either way, multitasking stinks when you really want to be in on the hockey game action. Believe me -- while watching Game 5 in a bar in Boston, one of my friends could only carry on a fluid convo during commercial breaks!

Plus, sure, the GOP debate is newsworthy (I guess), but that 4-0 lead was a REALLY wicked big deal, okay?!

What did you think about Romney announcing the Bruins score mid-debate?


Image via Matthew Reichbach/Flickr

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