90 Year Old Finishes Triathlon & Forces Us Off the Couch (VIDEO)

charles FutrellI'm not sure how to feel after reading about Charles Futrell. The 90-year-old former physical education teacher just became the oldest man to ever complete a triathlon. At 90! And here I had to drink three cans of Diet Pepsi this morning just to feel like I could face the day.

Now living in Florida (did you catch the fact that he's, um, 90?), Futrell is the one guy in America who I simultaneously find most inspiring and who makes me feel most like a lazybones. Swimming 440 yards, biking 10 miles, and running 3 miles over the weekend on a USA Triathlon-sanctioned course is a big deal. But it seems like it's just another day for this guy.


And I mean that literally. Just last month, Futrell became the oldest American to finish a duathlon, running and biking without the dip in the water. A look back to when he was younger, and that's just the way this guy has always lived: member of the U.S. Air Force, professional baseball player, history teacher (he taught Sylvester Stallone when Rocky was an eighth grader), gym teacher, coach of every major sport. Completed four Ironmans (competed in six).

It makes me feel lazy, but it makes me feel hopeful too. If Charles Futrell can be out there at 90 years young still jumping in lakes, hopping on bikes, and running his butt off, I can get off my couch. Next time you're exhausted, just pull this video of Futrell finishing his record-breaking triathlon up, you'll be moving in no time -- no caffeine-laden soda needed:

Is the 90-year-old triathlon-er your new inspiration to get moving?


Image via YouTube

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