What the World's Most Expensive iPad Looks Like

diamond iphoneBelieve it or not, some people must have so much money that they just don't know what to spend it on. Otherwise, why in the world would something like a diamond-encrusted iPad 2 exist? Camaél Diamonds caters to these clueless people. They just announced a new line of gold and diamond-riddled gadgets, including iPhones, Blackberrys, iPods, and iPads.

Say you want a new white iPhone 4 done up in the precious bling. That'll run you the starting annual take-home salary for many of this spring's college grads -- $27K. Maybe you just have to have an iPad 2 crafted in solid gold? Okay, well, you better have $147K you don't really need for anything else lying around!

But the ultimate in "luxury" gadgets? Here, behold $1.2 million iPad 2 ...


Check it out.

diamond ipad 2

Camaél uses a minimum of 300 diamonds on each iPad 2.

Well, all I can say is ... I hope you don't have an Apple-happy toddler who is going to drool all over that bejeweled screen. And you don't mind taking out insurance on the thing, because rockin' the gauche look is definitely a recipe for robbery.

Hey, more power to you if you have so much money that you can afford these precious gadgets. You say luxury, I say lunacy. I'd personally rather wear my diamonds than text with them.

What do you think of these diamond and gold gadgets?

Images via Camael Diamonds

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