Could You Go an Entire Day Without Email?

cat on laptopNot that this has any bearing on your life, but I'm going away at the end of next month. I'm excited to escape the city and wander the streets of a new place, but the thing I'm really excited about? No technology.

If my laptop, iPad, or iPod try for one iSecond to sneak into my suitcase, I will beat them to a wirey pulp. Those stress-inducers have no business on my relaxing holiday. Fine, iPod, you can come, but just because you're old school and don't have email capability.

Really, how great is it to escape technology once in a while -- especially the dreaded email? It's like a mental detox. And, hey, look at that, if you work at Lanvin, you can experience such a detox weekly during "Web-Free Wednesdays." Ya heard?


Lanvin President Thierry Andretta feels that we, as a society, have become too accessible, and really, no one can dispute that. He also feels that he gets too many emails. Also, I'd imagine, something that would be hard to dispute. That's why every Wednesday he refuses to open your cat memes and business-related emails. (He probably peeks at the memes.)

He feels that he can concentrate better on his business -- and life in general -- when he has one day to himself, so to speak. He's tried to get other staff members on board, but they're not having it. Thierry thinks it's because they don't receive as many emails as him. I think it's because they're not president of Lanvin.

When I first read about this in my Internet wanderings, I thought, "Hey, that would be a really cool experiment to conduct -- a day where I don't read any emails." But then I quickly realized that A) I work for a website. Email, and the web at large, are kind of integral 'round here. And B) It wouldn't necessarily make my life easier.

I would still have to do my job, but instead of emailing back and forth with editors, I would have to walk all the way down to their office. Or I would have to call them. The face-to-face interaction would be nice, as we'd probably have a few laughs about all the crazy things that happened on my walk down to their office -- and I'd get some exercise -- but it wouldn't necessarily make my day more efficient. In fact, it would be the exact opposite.

So, the moral of the story is this: Email, although frustrating because we're often inundated, actually does make our lives simpler and, well, faster. Also, rich people can do whatever loony thing they want, the crazy SOBs.

Could you go web-free for a day? Do you ditch the technology on your vacations?


Image via dougwoods/Flickr

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