Senior Couple Trying to Master Their Mac Cracks Us Up (VIDEO)

rita and frankYour parents are on Facebook, and your dog probably knows how to Skype. Many grandparents know how to email (my boyfriend's grandma mastered Gmail in a matter of days!). Even though it's so commonplace now, all those octogenarians out there surfing the web deserve extra credit for simply trying their hand at all this new technology. We could start with giving a pat on the back to ol' Rita and Frank, one senior couple who tried to use their new Mac to take a photo, and unintentionally made a viral video -- known as "Did You Hear a Click?" -- that wouldn't be out of place on a site like Funny or Die.

The couple were trying to take a picture to send to their friends for Frank's 84th birthday, and must have gotten mixed up with the traditional still vs. video options, because while they waited patiently for a traditional camera "click," they ended up filming a video. The result: A hilarious interaction most of us could totally see playing out between our grandparents.


Check it out ...

Oh man, I love when she mistakes the video time for the countdown to shutter. Aww. Hopefully someone introduced Rita and Frank to Photo Booth by now.

If you can't get enough of these two, there's plenty more of 'em on what appears to be their kid's or grandkid's YouTube channel. You can watch as Frank asks Rita for Sambuca at Christmastime, and they bicker from across the house. Oh, how it must feel to be married for 50 years!

Do Rita and Frank remind you of your parents/grandparents?

Image via YouTube

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