LeBron James' Girlfriend Has Balls

lebron james savanna brinsonI feel sorry for LeBron James. Go ahead, haters gonna hate.

Rumors are flying that Rashard Lewis, of the Washington Wizards, slept with James’s girlfriend, Savanna Brinson. First his mama, now his lady? Are LeBron’s women secreting some kind of wickedly seductive pheromone? Is it Justin Bieber’s perfume?

Who knows, but what I do know is that I’m a little at a loss about how to handle this whole situation -- if the rumors are true, and let’s just go with they are since it’s no fun otherwise – because it totally isn’t what I expect from my millionaire athlete scandal.

This time, it’s not the millionaire athlete up to his typical man whore ways and ruining his marriage/relationship because of them. It’s the millionaire athlete’s woman who’s (allegedly) gone and done the nasty with someone else. And not anyone else, another millionaire athlete! Oh, the drama!


So yeah, I gotta feel for the universally hated (unless you’re a Heat fan) LeBron. Not only is he on the losing end right now of the NBA Finals, his lady is all up in someone else’s business.

And not only that, she apparently did it right under his nose ... in Miami. Jeez, at least have the decency to do your ho-ing on the road. You’re not even good enough for Basketball Wives, Savanna, and trust me, that’s saying A LOT.

Of course, all of this could be a whole bunch of lying shenanigans in an attempt to throw LeBron off his game even more than he already is. Though I’m not sure how that would benefit Lewis.

But I’m not into conspiracy theories, I’m into dirty drama of the celebrity kind and picking sides. So excuse me while I go out and buy LeBron an Edible Arrangement. At least those melons haven’t been handled by a Washington Wizard.

Do you feel sorry for LeBron?

Image via Ethan Miller/Getty Images

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