F Bomb Haters Will Love This New Facebook Feature

dislike buttonI wish some sort of "breaking news jingle" would play when you clicked on this link because we've got a doozy on our hands here. A study was released that shows people curse and post inappropriate pictures on Facebook. When is Obama going to have the press conference?

The company who conducted this "study" (aka, perused Facebook for a couple hours) is called Socioclean. And their business is getting your profile G-rated so your boss doesn't catch that photo of you popping a squat behind a car, cigarette in hand. So, this study was totally unbiased.

Socioclean found that more than 60 percent of Facebook users posted inappropriate content (what is deemed inappropriate is unclear); more than 76 percent of inappropriate content is posted by friends; and 70 percent of users think they should use Socioclean four times a year. Of course they do.

Hey, here's an idea. Why doesn't Socioclean stop trying to be the next big Facebook thing -- because there's absolutely no point to this service.


If you don't want inappropriate photos and updates and tags associated with you being seen by others, there are myriad things you can do. Well, maybe not myriad, but two big ones: Don't post inappropriate stuff (and untag inappropriate stuff) and set all your stuff to private (or just don't friend work mates, etc.).

If you don't give a shih tzu about "F" bombs running rampant on your wall or photos where you're double-fisting Midori Sours, keep on keepin' on. You don't need this service either. And may I offer a curtsy at your brazenness?

The other reason Socioclean kinda sucks? It's offering censorship in the otherwise (basically) lawless badlands of social media. People like that they have the option to write as many four-letter words as they'd like on Facebook. I know I do. I'm not necessarily one to exercise this privilege often, but sometimes there's no other substitute for f**k. And other times, a photo of your sort-of high school friend with a lampshade over her head is just what the doctor ordered to get you out of a funk.

I get what you're promoting here, Socioclean, and I applaud the effort. It's not easy to come up with new, innovative ways to make money on Facebook and the Internet alike. But maybe go back to the drawing board with this one. Because really there's no use for it.

Would you use Socioclean?


Image via smemon87/Flickr

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