Rashard Lewis Hits LeBron James Where It Hurts Most

rashard lewisDefeating the Miami Heat is one way to piss off LeBron James. Sleeping with his girlfriend is another. Rumor has it that Washington Wizards' forward Rashard Lewis got it on with James' long-time girlfriend, Savanna Brinson. Could this be the reason for his lackluster ... performance lately?

Of course, this accusation is just that -- an accusation. A man who called into a radio station -- who is supposedly "on the inside" -- made the claim, and now the Internet seems to be heating up with the scandalous rumor. Whether it's true or not is for Rashard and LeBron to work out. One thing's for sure, though, it's definitely messing with LeBron's head. And that's probably a good thing.


For the Dallas Mavericks, of course. And anybody else who has to come face-to-face with the six-foot-eight basketball beast. Despite what it may look like on the court, NBA players actually have feelings, too. Who knew? And just like anybody else, it surely can affect their work performance. So, maybe all the off-court drama these guys engage in really is just strategy?

LeBron and Rashard aren't the only ones to take part in antics outside the office. Just recently, a Sprite ad ran in Puerto Rico that featured a quote by J.J. Barea that essentially bashed Kobe Bryant. Was it to mess with his mind? After all, the ad did say that Kobe has a fragile ego.

And then there's the age-old Kobe Bryant/LeBron James feud. (Maybe it's just these guys? Hey, they are two of the best players in the league.) Before James was drafted, Kobe sung the player's praises, even sent him a special pair of sneakers. Then, when James was about to be the number one pick on draft day -- and TONS of hoopla surrounded him -- Kobe decided to announce that he was opting out of his contract with the Lakers to be a free agent. All the spotlights went to Kobe. LeBron wasn't even in the league yet and Bryant was messing with him. Also, when Kobe was asked what he thought of LeBron winning the MVP, he simply said, "I'll see him in the Finals." What? Can't these dudes just rely on their raw talent and skill? Must they do this weird pseudo-psychological crap?

So, maybe this Rashard-sleeping-in-LeBron's bed rumor was actually started by another Wizard -- or Rashard himself? Of course, hearing that your woman was doing the nasty with someone else is going to make you suck. It may not be the most ethical tactic, but I guess when dealing with LeBron James, sometimes that's all you got.

Do you think basketball players should be playing mind games off the court?


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