Lady Gaga Texting Mishap a Lesson for Us All

While there is an entire website devoted to awesome blunders triggered by the autocorrect feature in iPhones and other smartphones, sometimes you can't blame technology for the humiliating things you text. Just ask Lady Gaga, who managed to accidentally call Vogue editor Anna Wintour a bitch via text message.

There's a lot to like about that story, starting with the surprising fact that Anna Wintour actually text messaged Lady Gaga in order to tell her she'd won the CFDA Fashion Icon Award. That's when Gaga got her confused with some other Anna who works with her stylist, and immediately tapped out the following: "Yes, bitch, we did it!"

I'm not sure Lady Gaga is the sort of person who would consider seppuku after realizing her mistake, but I'm pretty sure I would have. I haven't experienced a texting faux pas quite on that level before, but I've definitely sent rogue messages that had me cringing afterwards.


The one that stands out in my mind happened last year at BlogHer, when I'd been texting with a bunch of people whose names I hadn't added as contacts. Inevitably, I got everyone screwed up, and I managed to send the wrong message to at least three different new friends—setting up meetings that didn't happen, pestering people as they boarded planes ("WHERE R U I AM IN THE LOUNGE!!!"), and generally portraying myself as a complete and utter jackass.

Oh, and there was the time I texted my babysitter that I was on my way and that she should "take them panties off, Inez." I'm not even sure how to explain that, except that it's an in-joke between my husband and me that references a Roy D. Mercer prank phone call and I obviously thought I was texting him and she's Brazilian and our text conversations are always kind of awkward anyway and oh god just thinking about my subsequent apologizing makes me want to jam my face in a garbage disposal all over again.

Anyway, the lesson here is that you should always make sure your phone contacts include their full names, and maybe, you know, actually take a second or two to make sure you're saying the right thing to the right person before you call them a bitch or tell them to remove their underwear.

Have you ever sent an embarrassing text on accident?

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