5 Pieces of Sportswear No Fan Should Ever Wear (PHOTOS)

bruins bathing suitOh, sports fans. You really are a unique bunch. From painting your faces in the most elaborate -- and really difficult to get off -- ways to shaving your favorite player's number into your head (or chest), nobody supports ... anything in the world ... quite like you.

But what does the sports fan who has, and has done, everything wear? Look no further. Here are five of the most ridiculous pieces of sportswear. Ever.

Boston Bruins Bathing Suit, $44.99, Chicago Shopping. For the girl who just wants to lay out at her hotel pool in the Greek Isles and support her favorite hockey team. Just because she's thousands of miles away doesn't mean she can't give Nathan Horton a shout out. On her boobs.





Raptors Slippers

Toronto Raptors Boot Slippers, $29.99, Gifts.com. Ooh, wow. These really aren't cute. They're actually quite unattractive. Please don't shuffle down to my kitchen in the morning looking for some coffee in these. You will not get any.

jets bow tie

New York Jets Bow Tie, $29.95, Tieguys. The only circumstance under which this bow tie is acceptable is if you're part of some sort of jokey dueling pianist duo. Okay, and if you're Rex Ryan.

yankees thong

New York Yankees Thong, $15, Kacy's Fashion. Do you think these are sexy? You do? Now show them to your guy. Does he? He does? Sorry to be a jerk, but you're both wrong. Even without the logo, these are ugly.

red sox jeans

Boston Red Sox Jeans by Alyssa Milano, $54.99, Fandalia. It's great that Alyssa is a die-hard baseball fan, but she really, really should just stick to cheering on the sidelines. These jeans are a catastrophe.

Would you wear any of these?

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