UPDATE: Woman’s Ridiculous Facebook Tattoo Is a Hoax

facebook tattooGood thing I didn't run out yesterday and get all my Facebook friends' profile pictures tattooed to my arm so that I could be just like Susyj87. Why? Because she was fooling us! The Dutch woman who posted a video of herself getting the enormous sleeve tattoo was, evidently, faking it. She didn't get an actual tattoo -- it was just a temporary one, and it rubbed off two days later. We've been bamboozled!

We were kinda suspicious to begin with, but we have to admit we were sort of hoping it was true. We love crazy nut jobs! Who doesn't?

She wasn't bleeding in the video while getting her "tat" and there wasn't any redness or puffiness or irritation, so that might have tipped people off that this shit ain't real. So why did she get a fake tattoo?


To promote something, of course! She told the Telegraaf that it was all a publicity stunt for a company that makes gifts using Facebook profile pictures. So if you ever wanted a mug with your friends' photos on it, just contact some company in Holland -- they'll help you out.

Are you surprised that her tattoo isn't real?

Photo via YouTube

WATCH the application of her fake "social tattoo":

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