By Far the Worst Angry Birds Idea Yet

angry birdsSome people just don't know when to leave the party. And by leave the party I mean get the crap out of our faces for one nanosecond. And by people I mean Angry Birds.

See, the makers of the mind-numbing game weren't content to let Angry Birds merely stop at app, stuffed toy, art installation, and bento box. No, they felt the need to take things a step further and foray the bird-launching, pig-exploding game into a cookbook. And a movie.

I say shut it down.


I get the whole money-making thing. If I were ever to become a "brand," I like to think I would maintain a shred of integrity in choosing what to endorse/create, but you and I both know that notion would be dropped like a bad habit once a second zero was added to the payday.

However, the Angry Birds guys are rich already. They can afford to be a little bit picky. Why not at least try to stick to things that are somewhat pertinent to the game? A cookbook? We are a nation of foodies now, didn't they get the memo? Probably not, because they were too busy playing their stupid game, but no one is going to be looking to Rovio for a frittata recipe. 

And a movie? Oh, brother. Have you not heard the phrase "jump the shark"? Don't you remember when they casually tried to replace Aunt Viv on Fresh Prince of Bel Air? Or Becky on Roseanne? Or when they tried turning Clueless into a TV show? It just doesn't translate. The thing that it originally was is the thing it should remain. (I do realize that you will probably make a killing off of this, no matter the outcome, though.)

I mean, what's next? A Kathy Ireland team-up to design patio furniture? A lingerie line? Fine china? Energy drinks?

Please stop, Angry Birds. You are more successful than many people and I will ever be. Coming out with a movie (surely, with the voice of Jack Black) is a lame idea, but I get it. Coming out with a cookbook is just gratuitous.

What do you think of Angry Birds mania?

Image via Yaniv Golan/Flickr

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