Les Paul Google Logo Will Top the Charts (VIDEO)

les paul google doodleToday's Google logo, or Google Doodle as it's often affectionately referred to, might be one of the coolest yet. To mark the birthday of famous guitarist and pioneer of the the solid-body electric guitar, Les Paul, the logo today features actual playable guitar strings! I know lots of musicians will be over the moon for this, not to mention that anyone who has ever aspired to be a rock star or just play music (and let's be real, who hasn't??) will have a blast strumming with it.

No lessons required. The logo lets users "play" the guitar by plucking the strings, and even lets them record their melodies and play them back. For all of this ingenuity, we can thank Google tools and JavaScript, HTML5 Canvas, CSS, Flash, etc.


For a demo of how to "play the doodle," check out this video ...

I just love when technology lets you be creative and create something instead of constantly consuming info or media, you know? I have a feeling this will be one of Google's most successful, buzzworthy doodles yet, because most people feel the same way. Not to mention that it'll be a pretty fun caffeine substitute/time-killer for a lot of us around 3 p.m. today!

What do you think about today's Google logo?


Image via Google.com

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