10-Year-Old Gives NHL Player His Winning Puck

patrick kaneOne of the most prominent "kids" in the NHL, Chicago Blackhawks' Patrick Kane, now has a real kid to call a BFF. It all began when a 10-year-old named Matt Cannon who lives in Tonawanda, New York, invited Kane to his birthday party last June. Sure, Kane is a guy who had just won the Stanley Cup, but he actually took this 10-year-old fan up on the party invite. He said he thought it would be cool to show up for 10-15 minutes, but he ended up staying for a bit to play a dads vs. sons floor hockey game, because he feels "the kids are the most important fans."

Awwww! Wow, did your heart just skip a beat, too?!

And oh, it gets even better. Cannon knew Kane never received the championship puck from his Stanley Cup-winning goal last year. And oh what a shot that was in overtime of Game 6, defeating the Flyers 4-3! GO CHICAGO! YIPPEEE! Er, ah, yes, but back to what I was saying ...


So when he shot the winning goal for his squirt hockey team, helping it win the Western New York Hockey League title back in March, he sent the puck to his pro buddy Patrick, because, according to Matt's dad, "he knows Patrick's winning puck is still missing, and he wanted to give him the only thing he can that he doesn't have." OMG. I think I'm going to melt from the cuteness.

Although the gesture is obviously so appreciated and may have even made Kane tear up a little bit (or so we can daydream anyway), Kane returned it to the kiddo, signing it and writing, "Congratulations on your goal, you should be proud — Patrick Kane 88."

Proud? I'll say! This kid's gotta be on top of the world. At the very least, he must be the most popular boy in his fifth grade class. Everyone wants to go to his birthday party with hopes they'll see a famous hockey player. And of course he deserves all the love. At just 10 years old, it's obvious he has a HUGE heart.

Why can't there be more heartwarming stories like this in sports, huh?? I could use one a day. At least!


Image via Derek Kaczmarczyk/Flickr

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