Rescue the Best-Looking Dog You've Ever Seen (PHOTO)

We could be twins.

Just when you thought every website had been thought, every app had been created, and every Tweet had been Twittered, they go and come out with Doggleganger.

Doggleganger, as it's clever name suggests, essentially finds your dog doppleganger. You simply take a photo of yourself with your web cam and Doggleganger, using its "human to canine pairing software," matches you with an adorable furry pooch, who not only needs a home, but who looks like you, too. (Check out our editor Jessica's dog twin below!)

You can now die because you have reached the end of the Internet.


As of now, your twin pet who is waiting to be adopted is only available in New Zealand. But this is so doggone awesome, how could it not spread to other places?

doggelgangerThe marketing and concept of this is genius, no? It appeals to the narcissist in all of us -- even if we're not in the market for a pup, surely we're curious as to what dog Doggleganger thinks we look like. And then, when we see the adorable little creature that looks like a spawn of ours, we won't be able to help but think -- even if only for a brief moment -- "Maybe I should get him? We could, after all, be related."

In an age of stupid websites where you take your picture, Doggleganger is refreshing -- even if it deceptively appeals to our vanity. It's not going to draw us into a cartoon; it's not going to show us what celebrity we look like; and it's not going to give a demo of what we would look like with Rihanna's red hair. It's just going to nudge us in the direction of adopting a dog. And there's nothing tacky about that.

What dog do you think you look like? I'm going with shih tzu.


Image via doggybytes/Flickr

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