Woman Takes Facebook 'Tattoo' Seriously (VIDEO)

facebook tattooMost of the 700 million Facebook users sign in and interact with their friends on Facebook on a daily basis. I do it, and worse yet, I'm even guilty of dreaming about doing something that involved my News Feed. What can I say -- it's part of my everyday life! I can deal with that. But one thing I would not want is to have to stare at my Facebook friends 24/7/365. Apparently, one woman from the Netherlands, known as "susyj87" on YouTube, feels differently. She got 152 Facebook friends' photos tattooed as a sleeve on her forearm.

Ever since she posted a video last week on her YouTube account that chronicled the process and her final tattoo, she's become somewhat of an international sensation. I'd say mostly because people are looking at what she did and thinking, "WTF?" 


She claims this was no stunt. It's more about the "people closest to her." She didn't tattoo ALL her Facebook friends' pics after all. This is a "personal expression" of who she is right now in this part of her life and "the mediaworld we live in."

I respect her choice to do this to herself. But I cannot for the life of me understand it. First of all, you can't possibly be THAT "close" to 152 people. And second of all, I'd think giving yourself a tattoo that symbolizes "who you are right now in this part of your life" is a regrettable decision. How's she going to explain Friend #107 who she hasn't talked to in 30+ years to her granddaughter one day? What happens if she defriends Friend #84? Will she have to get it lasered off? And lastly, it is possible to make a statement about "the mediaworld we live in" without permanently inking it into your skin.

Check out the video here ...

What do you think about this woman's Facebook tattoo?


Image via YouTube

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