Anti-Kobe Billboard Was a Bad Move for Sprite

kobe bryantKobe Bryant probably isn't the most well-liked guy in the NBA by other players. Especially by J.J. Barea. His wicked good skills combined with his sometimes less than modest attitude (throw in an alleged rape charge and an occasional off-color remark), can make for an easy-to-dislike dude. That said, if you don't like Kobe, and you do happen to be J.J. Barea, don't write it on a billboard.

Barea of the Dallas Mavericks has a Sprite billboard up in his home country of Puerto Rico that says: "Only my ribs hurt, but for Kobe, it’s his ego." This is referring to how the Mavericks beat the Lakers, despite the Laker's rough playing with Barea.

Even though I seriously doubt the billboard was Barea's idea, it surely will cause more friction between the players. And as for Sprite? Well, didn't they think about how Kobe endorses for them, too?


Why would Kobe -- or anybody -- want to sell a product and a company that has publicly bashed him? Kobe certainly doesn't need the money, and if he walks away from Sprite, he'll surely find some other effervescent, fizzy drink to shill? What's more important to Sprite? Kobe or Barea? I think we all know the answer to that.

As for Barea, stupid move, dude. Why are you going and making your endorsements mean? Sure, you should be proud that the Mavericks beat the Lakers, but let's get real, how many more times is that really going to happen? The next time you guys step out onto the court to play Kobe et al., it's going to get ugly.

And, in other news, in addition to this not being funny, the ad just makes you seem like a not very nice person. And it's ironic, because isn't that what you wanted the world to think of Kobe?

What do you think of this advertisement?


Image via WDPG share/Flickr

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