E-Readers Are Killing Books: Woo-Hoo!

eReaderI always knew there was some kind of crazy connection between me and J.K. Rowling ... something about the whole single mother, best-selling author thing, I guess.

Okay, I'm not a best-selling author -- yet -- but I'm still a writer, and I totally wish that Harry Potter was my brainchild. Anyway, now I know for sure that Rowling and I are of the same mind after hearing her recent, very honest appraisal of eBooks: Though she loves the smell and feel of paper books, Rowling admits that at times eBooks can be a "Godsend," like during a family vacation last year when she forgot to pack a bedtime story for her youngest child and was able to download one immediately. My sentiments exactly!


As someone who spent significant portions of my childhood hanging out at the library, inhaling that glorious scent of paper pages Rowling talks about, I'm relieved to hear one of my favorite authors endorse eBooks.

The truth is, I'd been feeling kind of guilty about how much I love my Kindle. I really tried to resist the eBook thing, fought the book-purist fight for as long as I could. Then I was given a Kindle as a gift, at the same time I started spending large chunks of my day on a commuter train, and ... well, that easily transportable eReader had me at hello. The thing is pure magic, I tell you, just like the wizard newspapers with the moving photographs: It can summon nearly any title I think of, saves my place for me in a story, stays charged for tremendously long amounts of time, and takes up less room in my purse than my makeup bag. Seriously, if I had the Kindle and an invisibility cloak, I'd be set for life. ("Mommy, where are you? Are you hiding with your Kindle again?")

Rowling went on to say that she's planning to take 50 eBooks with her on holiday this summer (I love when Brits say "on holiday"!) freeing up mass amounts of suitcase real estate for the first time. Maybe all that extra space will leave Rowling feeling creative, like she wants to fill in the blanks ... and write another Harry Potter book!

Is it possible to love both print and e-books?


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