Gay Softball League Doesn't Want Members Playing for Both Teams

softballA gay softball organization that holds an annual tournament creatively called the Gay Softball World Series has been granted the right to limit the number of heterosexuals per team. And apparently, bisexuals are being counted as heterosexuals. So if you play for both teams, you can't play for their team.

Here's the long and short of it: Three players were disqualified from the tournament (and their team's second place win was nullified last year) after others deemed them "not gay enough." The team had already reached their two hetero limit, so the three bisexuals were just de-gayifying the joint. And that didn't sit well with people.

The DQ'd men took the association to court, and the judge said that their suit can proceed to trial. But he also said that the North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance has a First Amendment right to limit the number of straight players. I say bench everybody.


I have so much to say about this, but since you're a busy person who can't spend all day reading my post, I'll try to keep it brief. Don't homosexuals -- more than anybody -- know what it feels like to be excluded? To not belong? And shouldn't they lead by example? Don't they want to show that they're so much more evolved than the boneheads who have been excluding them from clubs and organizations for so long? Or perhaps they just want to get even. I mean, Boy Scouts have the constitutional right to exclude gays.

Where does it end, though? Something about private organizations being legally allowed to discriminate against a person's sexual orientation doesn't seem right. As long as people keep heading to court, it will be allowed, though. And the timing seems kind of ironic, as more and more basketball players are coming forward saying they wouldn't give a rat's if a player was gay. Aren't we making progress? Even just a lil'?

Then, of course, there's the whole "not gay enough" thing. Did the league administer Kinsey tests to each player? What is gay enough? And where can a bisexual play a dang game of softball if they can't play in a gay league and don't feel welcome in a predominantly straight league? Maybe they should start a bisexual softball association. I kid. This has already gotten out of control.

I may sound a little "Gee, willikers" right now, but I say we just do away with all the silly discriminations in clubs, etc. Nothing good ever comes of it. People only feel left out. Don't you remember high school?

Do you think these guys should be discriminated against in the gay softball world?


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