New Nokia N8 Pink Commercial Patronizes Women (VIDEO)

nokia n8 pinkRipping off the wildly successful Lady Gaga is the thing to do these days, whether you're another pop star, a teenager experimenting with fashion, or ... a cellphone manufacturer? Using strange, dismembered, and Exorcist head-spinning Barbie dolls and pumping techno music in what appears to be a pseudo-music video, Nokia's new N8 Pink phone commercial, called "Freedom," was obviously inspired by the Mother Monster. And okay, imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but this spot is just plain terrifying. 

Also, it kind of boggles the mind trying to figure out what exactly they were thinking with this. Hopefully, they're not trying to sell this cellphone to little girls or tweens, right? Because, sheesh, if you were going to target the youngins, at least you'd use healthy, happy-looking Barbies, not zombie-faced ones wrapped in telephone cords or looking like they ate some bad mushrooms while riding an overgrown My Little Pony.


Worse yet, Nokia and fellow smartphone companies seem to think that all it takes to woo women over to their products is a splash of pink. This N8 Pink comes with a built-in theme called "Little Pink Diva" (again -- this for a grown-ass woman?!) and ELLE fashion app. Yes, because all women are superficial Little Pink Divas obsessed with playing dress-up to look hot.

Note to Nokia: When targeting a female demographic, please don't assume we all have the same priorities as pre-adolescent Paris Hilton wannabes.

See the commercial for yourself ...

What do you think of the commercial? The phone concept itself?


Image via YouTube

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