Juggling Robot: We Could Use One of These! (VIDEO)

juggling robotWhen you think of robots, you probably think ... Star Wars or Rosie from The Jetsons. Maybe even your Roomba vacuum. (I have always wanted one of those to keep my apartment clean!) But mostly, if you're anything like me, you probably wish you had a robot that would help you juggle your daily tasks. (Or a personal assistant, but we can't all be Paris Hilton.)

Well, look no further! Students at Prague's Czech Technical University have invented a robot that can juggle FIVE balls at once! That's something most human jugglers have a lot of trouble mastering. And it's something most humans wish they could do every day with the gazillion things we have going on, right? If only we had one of these juggling robots to do our dishes while it tweezes our eyebrows and finishes an assignment on our laptop while paying bills and taking out the trash! Now, that's something I'd like to see!


You know, this thing just makes us humans look bad! The Juggler robot is "already learning" to work more efficiently. It originally started with three balls, and now it can do all five. Sigh. If only our learning curve as humans was as such! Oh well, guess we'll just have to get these robots to do our dirty work!

Check it out in action ...

Could you use a juggling robot in your life?


Image via Andrew Malone/Flickr

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