Spelling Bee Apps That Are Actually F-U-N

Can you spell "cymotrichous"? I don't even know how to say it, let alone be able to figure out how to spell it if someone asked me to ... but not Sukanya Roy, the 14-year-old who won The Scripps National Spelling Bee on Thursday night with the correct spelling.

Watching the spelling bee made me feel a little lacking in my spelling prowess. So what's a mom -- or kid or anyone -- to do to work on spelling skills? Why not download these fabu apps and check out a few websites that make spelling fun ... no really, it is fun.


ESPN Spelling Bee -- Anyone can pretend they're standing on stage, behind a microphone. After hearing the word, you can ask for its origin, get the definition, the whole shebang. You have 60 seconds to type in the correct spelling of the word. Cool to play on an airplane when you're stuck on the tarmac or on a date when you've run out of things to talk about ... and it's only $0.99 on Apple.

Bee Spelled -- So, bone up on spelling with this game where you help a Spelling Bee (yes, a literal cartoon insect) protect himself from attacks with word power. You can adjust the levels so you can play with your kids or go head to head with your hubby. It's $1.99 from Apple.

Spelling Bee Master National -- Do you have a kiddo who loves to spell and dreams of competing? Do you need to get ready for the next office spelling bee challenge ... and finally beat Doug from Accounting? This is the app for you -- it has over 90,000 competition-level spoken words. Serious spelling bee training from Apple for $13.99. 

Speaking Spelling Bee -- I love the description for this one: it says it's a great drinking game app. I have to say, it looks pretty cool. Not only can you create your own lists, which is good for kiddos to learn assigned spelling words, but you can test your mad spelling skills with your friends with over 5,000 words to spell. It also gives you a list of high-scoring words for other games like Scrabble -- and it's free over at Apple. Boo-yah!

Times Spelling Bee -- This isn't an app but a free website. Okay, so it's from the U.K. and you can pick up a cool British accent while playing, but really, it offers a bunch of different spelling games right on your laptop -- you can play a regular spelling bee game or a missing letter game where you figure out the word by seeing it used in sentence. Yeah, I wasted like 17 minutes just now, so I'd say it's rather addictive. 

Miss Spell's Class -- Another great way to waste time at work, while looking like you're slaving away. This free website has you look at a word and click if it's misspelled or not. Be warned, they have some toughies on there. You can also grab it as an app for free from Apple.

Do you love spelling?


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