Baseball Takes a Giant Step Toward Embracing Gays (VIDEO)

Giants It Gets BetterThere may be 30 teams in Major League Baseball, but only one gets the crown for having the proudest fans this week. Yes, this Yankees fan is going to say it. The San Francisco Giants deserve the chance to be a little cocky right now. First there was Giants pitcher Brian Wilson's giant donation to the Air Force in honor of Memorial Day. And now the entire team has released their much anticipated It Gets Better video

They're joining the likes of President Barack Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton,  Adam Lambert, Colin Farrell, Matthew Morrison of Glee, and countless other celebs to tell LGBT youth that life does really does "get better" beyond the cruel walls of high school:


Words like "There is no place for hatred and bullying against anyone" are important anywhere. But they're especially crucial in sports, where so-called role models are still throwing around the word "fag" as an insult.

Thanks to the Giants for blazing the trail, becoming the first team in professional sports to film one of these messages. They were the first, but they shouldn't be the last. Giants fans, here's your round of applause!

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Image via YouTube

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