Will 'Empires & Allies' Be the New FarmVille? God, I Hope Not

Have you grown tired of peacefully toiling over your FarmVille crops? Looking for an equally addicting Facebook time-suck, but with a combat element so you can blow your friends to smithereens? Great news, because now you can make war, not love, with Zynga's new Empires & Allies game.

Brought to you by the diabolical creators of FarmVille and Mafia Wars, Empires & Allies leaves the livestock-coddling behind in favor of building your very own war machine. Described as "CityVille meets Risk," Empires & Allies is Zynga's first combat-oriented strategy release. It reportedly has more social features than any Zynga game to date, and you know what that means.

Oh yeah. Prepare for an onslaught of Facebook notifications, friends.


The general storyline of Empires & Allies is that evil enemy forces have taken over a multi-island world. Your mission is to build up armies to fight the "Dark Alliance," while recruiting or invading friends along the way (here come those status updates!).

You can trade with friends for resources like wood, oil, and metal to build your forces. Then, if you like, you can send that army, fleet, or air force to raid those same friends. Unlike FarmVille where playing with Facebook friends was mostly limited to helping harvest their crops, with Empires & Allies, you can attack anyone you please.

I have to say, it sounds kind of fun, but here's the screen that always stops me from even trying these types of games:

Uh, thanks but no thanks. I know you can configure nearly everything in Facebook, but I am old and clueless and the last thing I want to do is accidentally spam everyone I know with an irritating "HOWDY FRIEND, HOW'D YOU LIKE TO BE WARMONGERING NEIGHBORS? COME JOIN ME!" message.

Empires & Allies is now available at a Facebook near you, since it launched June 1 with support for 12 languages. Have you annoyed your friends with it yet?

Image via Zynga

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