Boy Sells His Kidney for an iPad2

iPadI'll admit, the iPad 2 is pretty cool, but would I trade my kidney for one? Not so much.

That's exactly what a 17-year-old boy in China did, however. Identified only as "Zheng," the boy sold his kidney for the equivalent of about $3,000 on the black market so he could buy the coveted gadget. It's an epidemic of sorts in China, the online trading of internal organs, and Zheng was able to sneak off to a hospital for the surgery without his mother even knowing about it.

Bad enough that thousands of people are literally selling their bodies for cash, but to buy an iPad?? A recent study showed that 53 percent of young people from around the world would rather give up their sense of smell than their access to technology. Um, I don't know about you, but this strikes me as really, really bad.


Clearly kids are getting the message that a person's value is measured by their degree of tech-savvy, so of course an iPad 2 would seem just as important as a vital organ.

It's not just sad and disturbing. Risking your life to fund your technology habit doesn't even make any sense. Since kids seem to be so obsessed with having the latest and greatest gadgets, what's a kid like Zheng going to do when the iPad 3 comes out?

People are blaming the young people of China for their materialistic tendencies, but I don't really think you can hold a teenager accountable for a decision like this. Technology has become an extension of self, for better or worse (in the case of Zheng, definitely for worse).

Why do you think a teen would sell his kidney for an iPad?


Image via Tsubaki Kaworu/Flickr

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