Smart Bikini Is Our Dream of the Future

solar bikiniWhat would a day at the beach or pool be without our iPods? It's no wonder the portable music device is pretty much a summer staple, being that it's the best way to listen to your favorite songs or zone out while enjoying the sunshine and/or tune out obnoxious people! But it's such a bummer when it loses its charge (isn't it always just when your Genius playlist was getting good?). Thankfully, some guy has invented a solar bikini that juices up your iPod with a USB connection. Oh yes, it's the ultimate in futuristic, multitasking swimwear. (And yes, you can totally swim in it -- just make sure you unplug your MP3 player before taking a dip. Duh.)

Don't expect to find it at Wal-Mart, though. The "retrofitted" swimsuit had to be custom-made with 1" x 4" photovoltaic film strips that are sewn together with "conducive thread." 


And it takes approximately 80 hours for your bikini (which will run you a little under $200, depending on your size) to be made. But pfft ... that's a small price to pay to enjoy life in The Future!

Uh ... because that's the time we must be living in if this thing actually exists, right? It's so Prince "1999" ... so Back to the Future 2. We may not have Hoverboards yet, but OMG, we seem to be getting closer to blow-drying jackets ("Your jacket is now DRY.") and self-tightening sneakers! In fact, we may have skipped over that silliness altogether to land right in the middle of an era where fashion and electronics are one in the same!

Okay, maybe I shouldn't get too carried away. This is one bikini. But how long 'til you think it becomes the status quo, eh? Already, the inventor, a guy named Andrew Schneider from Brooklyn, is working on a men's bathing suit that cools beer. AMAZING. Personally, I want a bathing suit that multitasks as a personal masseuse. Hopefully Schneider will get on that next.

In the meantime, you can buy a solar bikini at

Would you consider a solar bikini? What do you wish your swimwear could do?


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