Twitter Is Too Common for Royals Will & Kate

william and kateI'm surprised it took this long to happen. Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Kate's younger sister, Pippa, have recently burst onto the Twitter scene.

The first Tweet by "Pippa," or @MiddletonPippa, read:

Hi guys, welcome to my real account, go to for more info on The British Monarchy. Thanks, Philippa.

Then, a week later, "Kate," aka @DuchessKateM, tweeted:

Thanks for this Sweet Welcome. It's my Official Twitter and I'm really happy to be here with you. Thank you Thank you Thank you. Catherine.

And still week after that "William," @DukeWilliam1, popped up onto the site, saying:

Thanks for this welcome. I'm not an expert, be patient!

Since their social media "debut," the three have tweeted over 1,000 times, and have a combined following of around 21,500. Except -- and you may have gathered this from all the "quotes" -- it's been confirmed that the tweets are actually coming from an imposter. And I say thank God.


Yes, it would be fun to follow them on Twitter, to dissect their choice of words and use of abbreviations. And no, I'm not on Twitter, but would consider joining if they were on. But -- and this is just this gal's opinion -- it would take so much of the allure out of them.

See, I have a thing for royals. Not just William and Kate et. al, but all royals. Throw me a Queen Rania of Jordan, a Princess Letizia of Asturias, or a Princess Charlotte of Monaco and I'm in heaven. Part of it is because other "celebrities" have become passe, part of it is because these are real life, super fancy, eat every meal off of bone china, so not-like-us people. There are the royals, and there's everyone else. Or as they refer to us: commoners.

Twitter and Facebook and every other form of social media are -- at the risk of sounding elitist on their behalf -- beneath them. The Real Housewives are on Twitter. Kim Kardashian is on Twitter. Rob Kardashian is on Twitter (And he wants you to know that he's watching Dick Tracy. Call the newspapers!)

If Kate or William or any other royal were to get aboard the Twitter train, the silk veil they use to separate themselves from the rest would thin a little. And that wouldn't be fun. We already live in a world of over-sharing. Their lack of a social media presence is one of the things that separates them from the rest (as well as a balls-to-the-wall honeymoon). I don't want to know that Kate's heading to the grocery store or on her way to the gym. I want to assume she's exactly where she always is in my mind. On a pedestal.

Would you follow the royals on Twitter?


Image via UK_repsome/Flickr

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