5 Hot, Sweaty & Huggable Tennis Champs (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

roger federerA young girl got a happy accident courtesy of Roger Federer at the French Open semi-final on Friday (video after the jump). The accident was that she fell trying to get a photo with him. The happy was that he hugged her afterwards. Hey, hot and sweaty human contact with the tennis champ is hot and sweaty human contact with the tennis champ.

Roger Federer isn't the only tennis player we'd want a hug from, though. In fact, we'd settle quite happily for one from one of these dudes (hot, sweaty guys after the jump). We'd rather not have to fall beforehand, though.










rafael nadal

Rafael Nadal. Why so sour, Rafael? Do you need a hug? Aww, c'mere.

andy roddickAndy Roddick. He's married to Brooklyn Decker, one of the hottest women alive. BFD. A stupid hug never hurt anybody.

Tomas Berdych

Tomas Berdych. Look how happy he looks. I bet he gives really good hugs.  

Mario Ancic

Mario Ancic. He looks like he's thinking about hugging you right now ... really tight.  

And now here's the Roger Federer/hugging video that started this whole madness. Enjoy:



What tennis player would you most like to ... hug?



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