Bruins Win & Horton Hears a 'Woo Hoo!' (VIDEO)

bruins winThe Bruins are going to the Stanley Cup finals! Let me say that again. The Bruins are going to the Stanley Cup finals! It's worth repeating because the Bruins haven't been to the Cup in more than two decades, and haven't won the Cup in 38 years. That's about to change people.

My Boston Boys have done Beantown proud. Last night's Game 7 was everything a hockey fan could want. It was intense, excruciating, and physical (Tampa Bay's Steven Stamkos took a puck to the face and lots of blood and gore resulted). And ultimately, the Bruins were victorious (condolences to all you Tampa Bay Lightening fans).

If you didn't see it (why the hell not?), after a very intense, down to the wire game, Nathan Horton, who was injured during the first period, returned to the ice in the third period and scored the winning goal of the game (which was also the only goal of the game).

Let's watch the video of Horton's winning goal shall we? (Replay as often as you like.)



And the fans went wild!

Never before have the Facebook statuses on my page been so fast, furious, and in agreement. Here's what my friends -- who shall remain nameless in the interest of privacy -- had to say:

"The game winning goal!!!!!" (With the above video)



"and there was much rejoicing!!!!!"

haha f*ck yes horton (From a teenage friend -- my adult friends have cleaner mouths, I swear)

"Good Lord shoot me now!" (From a friend who is sick of fighting her husband for the TV remote)

"Stanley Cup Finals? Yes Please!"



Are you wicked psyched that the Bruins won last night?


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