Sorry Lady Gaga & Polaroid, My Paws Aren't Up for Your Printer!

lady gaga CES polaroidJustin Timberlake brought sexy back, and now Lady Gaga is taking a stab at resurrecting instant photography. Sadly, I'm not sure if her efforts have been quite that effective. We knew she was pairing up with Polaroid several months back, when she first became a creative director for the brand, and then did a little presentation at the Consumer Electronics Association (CES) conference. She showed us her Polaroid Grey Label line, and now one of the Gaga-inspired gadgets is on sale.

It's the GL10 wireless photo printer ($169.99), and it's only available at the Bloomingdale's 59th St. flagship store in NYC. (By the end of June, you'll be seeing it nationwide at Bloomies.) But you won't see me rushing to grab one. As loyal a Little Monster as I am, I hate to admit it, but the GL10 just seems -- in a word -- lame.


How on earth Gaga ended up associating herself with something so dull, I'll never know. I just don't get it. I mean, I heard her whole schpiel from CES that she's on the road and needs something that prints all those photos she takes with her friends and mainly with her Little Monsters!

But wasn't the original magic of Polaroid the fact that you didn't need some other unwieldy gadget to get the job done? It was an all-in-one package. Printer built-in. No need to make sure you had a Bluetooth connection get your pics.

I'm sure aesthetically the GL10 lives up to the Gaga name. Polaroid's touting the fact that the printer uses "second-gen Zink (zero ink) technology that creates instant 3x4-inch prints with Polaroid's classic border or full-bleed protected by a smudge-proof, water-resistant coating." Sexxy. So obviously that's good news for Gaga, who I'm sure loves having retro-chic but beautiful prints that look like were just taken ... ya know, in some hip club in 1987.

But meh! That's not enough. If this had been something you could tack onto your existing camera or smartphone ... or a cool new camera in itself (we have to wait a bit longer for the Grey Line instant camera), maybe my interest would be piqued. But for now, although it's a Gaga inspiration, I just don't have any interested in the GL10.

But if you think you might have some use for it, you can pre-order the GL10 at It will also be available on starting May 27and coming to Costco on June 20.

Would you consider buying Gaga's Polaroid Grey Line GL10 wireless printer?



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