iPad 2 Uses You Didn't Know Existed

ipad 2Finally! Memorial Day weekend is upon us. For many of us, it's a time to enjoy some well-deserved time off with family and friends. And you know what that means, right? Some delicious barbecue, a tasty beverage (or two), and hopefully, some sun.

But no time off is really time off when you're still connected, technologically speaking. Sure, in today's iEra, it's hard to step away from technology as a whole. But I have some good news: You don't have to! Check out these 6 great ways to use your iPad 2 tablet this Memorial Day weekend, without ACTUALLY disabling sleep mode. And yes, alcohol is involved.


1. As a margarita shelf: Resting your beverage in the sand gets a bit messy, and the last thing you want is your tequila with a side of grit! Place your tablet in a waterproof case, and fear not about spills.

2. Sunblock: Out of SPF? No problem! OK, so the device isn't exactly gargantuan. But it's big enough to use as a sun shade for the facial area. Being a lobster is SO last season.

3. A little cousin distraction mechanism: Small children love to look at themselves in the mirror. You don't even need to press the 'On' button, and they'll be entertained for an hour or so looking at their reflection. Just enough time for you to soak in some sun!

4. A fan: It hasn't exactly been a picturesque spring here in the Northeast. And now that we're looking at temperatures in the upper 80s for the holiday weekend, it's important to use all flat, broad objects with cooling potential -- including your iPad.

5. A ping pong paddle: When you're planning a picnic, it's totally easy to forget one of the most important parts: The activities! And ping pong is easily portable and uber-kid-friendly. Don't have enough paddles for the entire family? Your iPad 2 may be a tad bit bigger than the average paddle, but it's an excellent stand-in.

6. A cutting board: OK, so you will have to turn it on for this one. But hello, this is genius! With this outrageous app, no more worrying about who gets the biggest piece of pie. Talk about solving one of my family's biggest arguing points! Take a look at this video demonstration: 

Are you planning on disconnecting this weekend?

Image via inUse Consulting/Flickr

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