Caught By the 'Kiss Cam': 9 Smooch Shots You've Gotta See (PHOTOS)

will ferrell john c. o'reillyThe Miami Heat won last night and are heading to the NBA Finals. And the NHL's season is winding down, too. But there's more to winter sports than just the scoring on the court or the ice! What about all of the Kiss Cam antics? 

Watching the Kiss Cam is one of my fave parts of going to a hockey game. People do the craziest things! Not to mention when celebs get in on the action. When that happens, oh wow -- watch out!

For instance, Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly, pictured here, couldn't help themselves at a Lakers game not too long ago. I guess they love each other as much as they love to make us laugh. Awww.

Here, even more hilarious "mwah" from the stands ...  


guy picks beer over girl kiss camThis guy at a hockey game decided to kiss his beer instead of his date. Judging from the look on her face, I don't think she thought it was very funny.

kiss cam screenshotAt a Toronto Maple Leafs game, the camera operator thought it would be funny to zoom in on these two girls. Instead of giving one another a kiss, they shared this wry, annoyed look.

maple leafs kiss camMeanwhile, this guy was licking his woman's face instead of giving her a proper kiss.

jason bateman dustin hoffman kiss camJason Bateman and Dustin Hoffman proved they know how to take make a joke. When the Lakers' Kiss Cam gave Bateman, Hoffman, and Hoffman's wife the spotlight, The Graduate went for it with his colleague. Hilarious! (Oh, and that's not all -- Hoffman seems to make a habit of this!)

kiss cam kidsThese two little boys -- brothers? -- are too cute!!!

kiss cam adam sandler jack nicholsonStop looking at me, Swan! Well, if you look closely, you'll see the kisser is Adam Sandler and the kissee is none other than Jack Nicholson. As you might imagine, the audience at the Staples Center ate this UP.

lebron james kiss gameLeBron James dove into the stands for a loose ball and ended up on a fan's lap. When he gave her a kiss on the cheek, the announcers noted that she'll remember it all her life! Haha.

eva longoria kiss cam

The Cavaliers mascot and Eva Longoria shared an intimate moment on the Kiss Cam a few years back.

Clearly, some of the best performances during a pro-game sometimes happen to occur in the stands. I gotta give a big round of applause to these gutsy fans!

Which one is your favorite, or is there another all-time amazing kiss cam moment we missed?

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