Tiki Barber Is Not Anti-Semitic, Just Dumb

Football player Tiki Barber has managed to tick off more than just the Giants with his latest gaffe comparing what he went through with his mistress to the plight of Anne Frank -- the young Jewish girl who hid from the Nazis with her family for a time in Amsterdam and who was taken away and murdered in a concentration camp. But really, everyone is blowing it way out of proportion

The story goes like this: While dodging the press after he dumped his pregnant wife for a new woman, Barber hid in agent Mark Lepselter’s attic. Barber told Sports Illustrated: “Lep’s Jewish, and it was like a reverse Anne Frank thing.”

Smooth move, Barber. Yes, he made light of the Holocaust, which, according to Abraham Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League, is "outrageous and perverse," which it is, but do we really expect more from this guy?


Foxman called it "Holocaust trivialization," but I call it something else: Idiocy. Pure and simple. The man is just not that bright.

He is no stranger to controversy, of course, He criticized people he was close to and blamed them for his issues after his retirement, but mostly he just is not that smart. How much more do we really expect from a man who is famous for running around with a ball?

His agent tried to defend Barber by citing his trip to Israel and really only dug the hole deeper. Because Foxman is right. Barber WAS trivializing an aspect of the Holocaust, but he was also talking from his tush. I have no doubt that Barber is perfectly at ease with Jewish people.

People say dumb things. Barber said a dumb thing. Let's ease up a bit. The fact is, his comment is so wrong, it speaks for itself. No one even has to call it out to make it clear just what a gaffe it is.

No, Tiki, staying in your agent's attic with your hot, 23-year-old mistress while the press hounds you and your pregnant wife isn't a whole lot like a terrified little girl living in the hidden annex of her father's company -- all the while waiting for a group who hated them for no other reason than their religion and racial background to find them and send them off to be slaughtered one by one.

But then, that's obvious, right? The guy is an idiot. He isn't anti-Semitic. He is just anti-book learnin'.

Do you think this comment was that bad?


Image via alexa627/Flickr

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