Doting Dad David Beckham Sure Knows How to Tackle a Kid (VIDEO)

david beckham pitch invaderEver see the Red Sox romance flick Fever Pitch? There's this hilarious scene where Drew Barrymore's character runs onto the field at Fenway Park to get to her true love (played by the always adorbs Jimmy Fallon). The refs come after her, but she runs and runs and somehow makes it over to the stands where she's almost arrested. Too funny!! I think they even filmed that during a real game, and Red Sox fans were all, "What the hell is going on?!" 

Well, it happened in real life yesterday when former Manchester United soccer (aka football across the pond) captain David Beckham ditched an L.A. Galaxy league match to appear in a game held in honor of his best "mate" Gary Neville. Out of the blue, a couple of young boys (aka "pitch invaders") pulled a Drew, sprinting onto the field. One was caught immediately, but another one ran circles around staffers, before Becks scooped him up and handed him over to the authorities.


No one should be surprised that it was Davey who was able to wrangle the kid. Doesn't he have ... what, how many of his own? Seven mini Becks? Oh, no, I guess he and Posh haven't quite caught up to Angie and Brad level yet, but they do have three sons (holy Y chromos!) who are 12, 9, and 6 years old. So obvs, he's got plenty of practice with young, rebellious boys and has probably had to wrangle his own many a time. In fact, how funny would it be if this invader was really one of his kids?

"But Dad! With all of your endorsements for cologne and razors and cellphones, plus all that time you spend playing footy and with that weird Tom Cruise guy, I have to run onto the field just to get a couple of seconds with you!"

Just kidding!

It's not clear what happened to the offending kiddos, but it seems like they were forced to leave the stadium. Even though Becks made a point to argue that they should be let go. I'm totally with him. Come on, they're just kids -- and I'm sure plenty of people got a laugh out of it.

Here's the video if you want to see exactly how it went down ...

Would you like to get wrangled by David Beckham?


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