Web Surfing Styles of the Rich and Famous

foursquare womanWhen you think of "keeping up with the Joneses," you probably think of buying the perfect McMansion in the ritziest neighborhood, the poshest puppy, or getting the kids into the Ivy-iest pre-school. Not necessarily Googling what the Joneses are Googling. But now you can do that, too!

A new report by the Affluence Collaborative has found a few differences between the web habits of the rich (AKA those who make over $500,000/year) and the rest of us plebes. Supposedly, the wealthy surf the Internet for four things: Food, news, sex, and surprise, surprise -- money

Personally, while I don't aspire much to live my life "like the rich" (except maybe flying first-class or private), the thought occurred to me that maybe surfing the web like them could lead to a payoff!


So, hear me out. The report found that 61 percent of affluent web users sign on to make reservations at restaurants or to check in to locations with social networking services like Foursquare. But the rest of us? Only 13 percent make online reservations and 23 percent use check-in sites. Huh?! Surely, that's because the rest of us don't have as much money to throw around on eating/drinking out, but pfft, who cares if you actually BUY that $25 maki roll at that five-star sushi joint?! Just go there, check in, and you could very well find yourself dining with some rich new friends!

Seventy percent of richies read their news online vs. only 44 percent of regular Joes and Janes. Clearly, we need to catch up more on our current events so we can better understand and rule the world. Get thee to the NY Times website STAT. Think of the subscription fee is an investment

Also, it seems that if we want to run in the same circles as the rich, we'd do well to cruise the Internet for porn. Thirty-eight percent of them spend time on adult websites vs. only 23 percent of the rest of the population. Maybe it's because having a voracious appetite for sex is linked to being a powerful go-getter in the workplace? Well, hey, that seems to be the case for men like Schwarzenegger, Edwards, Woods, and Clinton!

Interestingly, though, the super-rich bank online as much as we do. Obviously, no matter what we make a year, we all know that keeping an eye on our money is bound to help us maintain and manage it better.

Are you surprised by these findings? How do you spend most of your time online?


Image via Sirinya Tritipeskul/Flickr

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