YouTube Turns 6! The 6 Most Popular Videos Ever (VIDEOS)

birthday cakeWe've never been good with birthdays, so don't be mad at us that we're a day late. Yesterday, our dear friend, who happens to be a fantastic entertainer and time-waster extraordinaire (and is also kinda easy on the eyes), turned six. Happy Birthday, YouTube! You don't look a day over three.

What to get the site that has everything? It was no easy feat. First, we thought about getting you a shirt. The one we had in mind would have looked great on, but we know you, and you would have returned it. Then we thought about just baking you a cake, but you can get so weird about gluten sometimes. So in honor of your sixth year on this planet, we decided to share six of your 10 most popular videos of all time with our readers instead -- of course, we picked the ones we thought our viewers would like the best!

Congrats, YouTube! You've come a long way! Here's to 60 more!



Justin Bieber, Baby ft. Ludacris: 550,350,248 views. Gasp! There is a lot of Bieber love out there. And it's all because of you, YouTube. Well, not all, but some.


Lady Gaga, Bad Romance: 381,758,898 views. Guess you can't say the music video is dead. Both of these videos -- individually -- have more clicks than there are people in the United States. That's a lot of clicks, guys.


Shakira, Waka Waka (This Time for Africa): 345,958,945 views. No wonder it's the official FIFA 2010 World Cup song -- a crapload of people like it!


Charlie Bit My Finger -- Again!: 327,201,117 views. One of the greatest baby videos of all time. Thanks for sharing, YouTube.


Justin Bieber, One Time: 243,841,295 views. Are you guys seeing a pattern here? Human beings love babies and Justin Bieber.


The Tootin' Bathtub Baby Cousins: 188,021,643 views. Another cute baby video. Not exactly my cup of tea, but hey, different strokes.

What is your favorite YouTube video of all time?


Image via Will Clayton/Flickr

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