Hardcore Email Loyalty Attracts Police Attention

I've heard of brand loyalty, but Avrohom Eliezer Friedman is a special kind of devoted to his web-based email service. Maybe it's the ample storage, the search-oriented interface, or the thrilling built-in context-sensitive advertisements—for whatever reason, Friedman is such a Gmail fan, he customized his license plate to declare his love to the world.

It reads, simply, GMAIL. What more do you need to say, really?

Since Gmail can do everything else, including stopping you from sending regrettable drunk messages to your ex, is it any surprise that when Friedman's car was stolen, his email saved the day?


Well, okay, it wasn't exactly through a FIND MY STOLEN HOOPTY feature in Google Labs or anything, but apparently a cop saw Friedman's car and decided to run the unusual plate. When it came up stolen, the arresting officer pulled the car over and it was eventually returned to its rightful owner.

Yay, all's well that ends well! What a feel-good story!

Except mayyyyybe the part about a cop randomly running a plate just because it's customized.

I know police officers can run plates for no reason, but really, did the vanity plate trigger the check? Because my husband's truck has a vanity plate (it says YAHOO) (oh, not really) and it bugs me to think that might be attracting extra police attention.

Not that we're driving around breaking the LAW or anything. Ahem. I'm just saying, was there a reason the cop checked the plate? Was it totally random, was it simply because it was customized, or was it because the 5-0 wondered what kind of weirdo likes Gmail that much?

We'll never know for sure, but I hope the nice folks at Mountain View hear about this story and give Mr. Friedman a t-shirt or something. He seems awfully dedicated, after all.

Image via morguefile

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