Yankees Catcher Rocks Nail Polish Like Nobody's Business

man with nail polish
A secure dude.
New York Yankees catcher Russell Martin doesn't have anything to prove. Unlike lots of professional athletes, he doesn't feel the need to remind us of how macho he is by doing things like yelling the word "faggot" at a referee or threatening to cut his girlfriend's breast implants out. Nope, Russell Martin is secure in his manhood. So secure in fact that he just got a manicure, complete with a beautifully bright summer yellow nail polish.

What is this that we have here? A professional athlete -- the creme de la creme of "dudely dudes" -- wearing a color on his nails instead of mud, blood, and dirt? Will he lose fans over this? Will he turn out to be gay? Will he ... shut those stupid idiots who were all mad at J.Crew up?


You remember it well, don't you? We here at The Stir reported on it, so surely you saw it, loyal reader. Jenna Lyons, Queen Bee at J.Crew, painted her adorable son's toes pink and the world basically imploded. The ground shook. People's faces melted off. And "experts" everywhere were hootin' and shootin' about how because of that one innocuous incident, Lyons' son Beckett was doomed for a life of transgender madness.

But then we get a Russell Martin. A grown man, a baseball player, a New York Yankee rocking what looks to be Celtic Sun like nobody's business. Is he transgender? Is he completely and totally emotionally jacked up? Is he doomed to live some weird and freaky life? No! He's just a super rich, really talented dude who thought it would be funny and/or cute to get a summer mani. That's it, end of story. (And can you blame him? That color looks fantastic on him.)

So, is this good enough evidence for you, fear mongering folk, that wearing nail polish when you're male is 100% a-okay? It's not going to mess anyone up. It's not going to cause the world to implode. It's just paint. On someone's nails. Who the heck cares?

What do you think of Russell Martin rocking a bright, yellow mani?


Image via Calitar/Flickr

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