Can NBA Star Kris Humphries Make It Last With Kim Kardashian?

kris humphriesKim KardashianSeems like New Jersey Nets' forward Kris Humphries is the latest pro-athlete to fall for a Hollywood vixen/reality star/model/"actress"/"pop star" -- whatever you wanna consider Kim Kardashian, since the multi-tasking beauty falls into many a category. Although the two haven't been dated for all that long -- cough six measly months cough -- they're now engaged to be married (probably ASAP, if Kim has her way!). Kim's over the moon happy, and even wrote a "Teenage Dream"-inspired tweet that she's "found her missing puzzle piece piece." Awww.

I'm definitely happy for them, but it bears noting that "when-jock-met-starlet" relationships don't always work out. At the very least, they definitely have some unique challenges ahead of them.

Here, 10 sporty and starry pairings that will help us decide whether the athlete/celeb match-up has a track record of working out ...


1. Tom Brady & Bridget Moynahan - The New England Pats quarterback and the model-turned-Sex & the City star were together for three years before breaking up ... then getting pregnant! But they remained broken up, because Tom fell for Leo's ex.

2. Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen - Despite all that baby mama drama in the beginning, these two have been married now for a little over two years. They also have a kiddo named Benjamin, who is sure to be among the studliest offspring ever.

3. Tiger Woods & Elin Nordegren - The Brady-Moynahan-Bundchen love triangle is pretty scandalous stuff, but this relationship takes the cake for "most notorious athlete-model pairings." Apparently, it wasn't enough for Tiger to have a gorgeous Swedish model as his wife. He had to have 50,000 other women in the wings. Barf.

4. Dennis Rodman & Carmen Electra - The NBA pro and his Playboy hottie were a total flash-in-the-pan romance, getting hitched in Vegas and divorced soon thereafter.

5. Tony Parker & Eva Longoria - After meeting in 2004 and getting hitched in 2007, we all know how the NBA player and his Desperate Housewife's relationship ended. All thanks to a tattle-tale smartphone. (Who else thinks Tony was dumb to cheat in the first place, but even more of a moron not to delete all those incriminating texts?)

6. Joe DiMaggio & Marilyn Monroe - One of the most famous athlete/movie star marriages was between the revered New York Yankees slugger and the most dazzling movie star the world has ever known. But it ended after he continually slugged her.

7. Derek Jeter & Minka Kelly - The modern-day Yankees star seems to have a lot less tumultuous relationship with his TV star fiance. The guys at TMZ seem to think that has something to do with Minka having Derek totally whipped.

8. Marko Jaric & Adriana Lima - The Serbian professional basketball player scored himself a Victoria's Secret Angel back in 2007. They tied the knot on Valentine's Day 2009, and soon thereafter had a daughter named Valentina Lima Jaric. They're clearly winning.

9. Jay Cutler & Kristin Cavallari - This quarterback for the Chicago Bears is currently engaged to his very own reality star, Kristin Cavallari of MTV's The Hills fame. They've only been engaged for a month, but so far so good. Kristin seems to be down with Jay's career -- she's likely planning spring 2012 nuptials, because of the football season -- and is leaving the reality cameras out of the equation, because "Jay hates all that stuff." Don't quote me on this, but they might just be built to last!

10. Lamar Odom & Khloe Kardashian - Kim's sister and her NBA hubs have been married since September 2009. Somehow they've dealt rather well with having E! cameras all up in their biz the last few months for Khloe & Lamar, so maybe Kris and Kim can handle it just as well. Only time will tell!

Lesson here: As long as Kim makes sure Kris doesn't have some hidden sex addiction ... or has recently impregnated an ex-girlfriend ... or is capable of inflicting the kind of "mental cruelty" that broke up the DiMaggio-Monroe marriage, they're sure to be golden!

Do you think their relationship/marriage will last?


Images via; david_shankbone/Flickr

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