Will B&N's New Nook Defeat Amazon's Kindle?

barnes and noble new nookHere we go again. It seems like a new e-Reader or tablet device is hitting the market every week. The latest is Barnes and Noble's next generation Nook, which will cost ya a pretty $139. (Meanwhile Amazon's current Kindle models include one that assaults you with ads for $114 or one sans commercials for $139.) But B&N wants to bet you're going to want their new device over any of the others currently on the market ... And I gotta say, they make a pretty good case for it.

First of all, with a 6-inch display and weighing in at 35 percent less than the original version, it's really cute! And it's got touchscreen capabilities. Plus, the Pearl E-Ink screen boasts "80 percent less flashing" during page turns, which is something that I've been squawking about ever since I first saw my e-Reader in action. So, that in itself seems like a MAJOR improvement to me. 


The new Nook has 37 fewer buttons than the Kindle 3, and apparently it "feels" great, too, because the back sports a soft-touch rubber surface.

Other fun specs: It has a redesigned home screen with your current reading list and suggested titles, and it'll have something called FastPage Zoom forward, which lets you jump to any page in the book you're reading. It runs Android 2.1 with 2GB of storage, and a Wi-Fi radio. No 3G. That's kind of a bummer.

Buuuut ... Nook continues to hold their own as perhaps the most social e-Reader so far. Just like on last year's Nook Color, you can share quotes, lend books, and update your Facebook status using Nook Friends. Aww, that has such a cute ring to it, right?

I kinda also like the fact that you can go into a B&N store and talk to someone about your device.

I don't know, man. I kinda get the feeling Amazon is being trumped here!! If I were to actually at some point throw up my hands and say, "To hell with being on Team Old-Fashioned Books!" and set my sights on buying an e-Reader in the near future -- something I do NOT see happening, I'm just sayin', hypothetically -- the new Nook might be able to hook me!

If you're interested, you can pre-order it now, and you'll have it in your hot hands around June 10.

What do you think of the new Nook? Would you buy it?


Image via BarnesandNoble.com

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