Kevin Bacon Adds 'Extra Sizzle' to Minor League Baseball

kevin baconBacon disgusts me. Kevin Bacon on the other hand ... meh, I feel pretty neutral about the guy. Footloose was great. I like knowing he's been in a happy, sexy marriage with Kyra Sedgwick for so long. When my BF who works in "the biz" did an HBO flick with him, he said Bacon seemed like a nice guy. Now more proof he really is an upstanding star: He's showing up at The Diamond in Richmond, Virginia tonight for the minor league baseball team Richmond Flying Squirrels' Tribute to Bacon Night.

As you can imagine, the team is uber-proud of the fact that they've snagged a celeb to reel in fans. Flying Squirrels VP and COO Todd "Parney" Parnell said:

Kevin is a busy guy, so we’re thrilled that he was able to find time in his schedule to make an appearance on Tribute to Bacon Night. Having him here will definitely add some extra sizzle to a night we were already planning to ham up.

Oh yes, Parney has a keen sense of humor, if you hadn't noticed!


So what exactly will Kevin be doing while at The Diamond? Well, first of all, he'll throw out a ceremonial first pitch, and then sign some autographs on the "AAA Ultimate Fan Zone Main Stage." Last but not least, he'll assist the Flying Squirrels (OMG, love the team's name, by the way!) with on-field promos during the game. What on earth could those be?! Snacks?! Bacon-seasoned peanuts! Can you see Kevin Bacon selling you peanuts? Ha!

And for all you fellow red meat lovers out there, get a load of this -- fans will be able to enter to win a year-long supply of bacon courtesy of the Virginia Pork Industry Board and Smithfield Foods. All fans will get a coupon for a discount on their next bacon purchase. (As ... my ... stomach ... turns.)

But more power to Kevin -- gettin' out there, associating with the people, real baseball fans. Hey, he's probably even making some people's day, month, year by bringing them down to one degree of Kevin Bacon!

Does this make you like Kevin Bacon a little bit more?


Image via sagindie/Flickr

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