People Care More About President Bush Than Baseball (VIDEO)

george bushFor guys who make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, it's amazingly easy for athletes to get upstaged by the people who just happen to be sitting in the stands. Take last night's game in the Texas Rangers ballpark. The Rangers beat the visiting Chicago White Sox, but all anyone is talking about is former President George Bush's near encounter with a foul ball.

Turns out the former president and former First Lady Laura Bush were taking in a game with pitching great Nolan Ryan, when the ball came flying at their heads, followed quickly by White Sox Catcher A.J. Pierzynski. Who, as it happens, was just doing what baseball players do -- trying to catch a ball.


To make a long story short, Pierzynski went to catch the ball, nearly landing on the one-time Rangers owner in the process, but ultimately the ball bounced off the ledge and landed in the seats. Check it out:

That's it? The Secret Service didn't even jump into action and go ninja for us. Bush didn't try to catch the ball. What a snoozefest! The mom who snagged a ball one-handed without losing her grip on her baby at a minor league game in Virginia deserves more attention. At least she did something cool.

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad the former president is OK, and not just because we pay his medical bills. There's no bigger bummer than a nice night out at a ballpark turning into a run to the ER. But I watch baseball for what goes on on the diamond, not in the stands. 

How about you? Do you get sick of the attention on the famous fans just because they're famous?


Image via Fox

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