Jose Canseco & Lady Gaga Were Both 'Born This Way'

lady gagaIt's not all that uncommon for a major pop star to hook up with a baseball player. Just look at Madonna and A-Rod. Or even Madonna and Jose Canseco! He claims she had a thing for him a few years back. But it seems like Canseco prefers the Mother Monster to Madge. Prefers is actually putting it lightly. Judging from the wacky baseball player-turned-fighter's Twitter last night, Canseco is actually sort of ... infatuated with Lady Gaga.

I'm not kidding. But just TRY to read these tweets without busting your gut with laughter.

Approximately 14 hours ago, Jose's tweets read:

I love lady gaga wish I could meet her .would marry her in a second ... Lady gaga is the truth get use to it ... Her song Judas is what we fight with everyday since we are born evil ... I am her night in baseball armor ... She is the queen



While Canseco's tweets may initially seem totally off-the-wall or spurred by a drunken viewing of this weekend's SNL, I'll bet that Jose's just getting in touch with his inner "loser." After having to defend his various insane tweet-sprees (gems include calling his "stupid inbred followers" to "kiss my ass" and confessing that he's thinking about penning a third book while on the toilet), he must feel as though he's constantly bullied.

See, it's actually not that crazy to think he might be a Little Monster! I'm sure he just wants fans and naysayers alike to know that he can't help being who he is! Because he was BORN THIS WAY, baby! Also ... there's no doubt he thinks gushing about Lady Gaga (the current Queen of the A-List) will get him street cred and a dose of good old-fashioned attention he seems to covet so much.

Too bad for Jose, I have a feeling that Stefani Germanotta isn't interested in 46-year-old washed-up 'roid ragers. She seems to prefer 30-something whiskey-lovin' rockers with a bad attitude. Actually, then again, on second thought ... hmmm. Nah. Would never happen. Canseco, keep dreaming!

Do you find Jose Canseco's crush on Lady Gaga hilarious or does it make a lot of sense?


Image via petercruise/Flickr

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