Harold Camping Followers Will Choose Sports Over Him

sports fansI wonder what it was like standing next to Harold Camping on Doomsday at 6 p.m. Aw-kward ... (Don't you just envision a Woody Allen-esque exit? "Er ... uh ... I'm just gonna go now.") But, it may have been just as awkward standing next to him yesterday at around 8:30 Eastern time when you were getting ready to hunker down and decompress to the Miami Heat and the Chicago Bulls.

See, Harry doesn't approve of sports. Because they make fanatics out of people. And you know what fanatics of sports do? They watch sports on Sunday. And that's the Lord's day, you rude, lazy, inconsiderate piece of crap.


By now the world knows that Harold Camping is, for lack of a better word(s), completely and totally full of it. Surely, there are still a few followers of his, though, mulling about, kicking around rocks in remote locations, embarrassed to be seen. What if these folks also happen to be sports fans? Camping is asking -- no, telling -- people to choose between religion and sports. Really, this isn't even an argument because, for most fans, sports is religion. In yo' face, Camping!

And he doesn't even think people who work in sports should work on Sunday! There's a good idea, people. Tell your boss you can't make it to the big game because Bonkers McKooKoo says so. According to a recent Family Radio broadcast:

Now there's a game on Sunday, and that happens to be one of the best viewing days ... Now for the true believer, that is the place where he ought not to be at all in his mind or in his eyesight or in his thinking or in his planning if he happens to be in the business of sponsoring sporting events.

You can't compete with sports enthusiasts, Family Radio! Throw in the towel. Nothing gets between a fan and his sports. Dude, last night while switching over to Real Housewives during commercials of the Heat-Bulls game, my husband was furiously refreshing his webpage in case anything happened. (And then he stood in front of the TV, petting our dog during the last 30 seconds of the show -- wow, right?)

You've got nothing on sports, Mr. Camping. You may have been able to convince an unsettling portion of the population that Saturday was the Rapture, but that's small potatoes compared to the sports world. You have been bested. Time for your Woody Allen exit.

What do you think of Camping's anti-sports attitude?


Image via Tulane Public Relations/Flickr

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