10 Reasons Indy 500 Racer Danica Patrick Rocks

danica patrickDanica Patrick is like the ultimate super-heroine of race car driving. This woman does it all: Gets our guys all hot and bothered by looking hot in a bikini, drives fast cars, models, and acts as an advertising spokeswoman. Oh, not to mention that she also competes in both the IndyCar races and NASCAR. In short, she's a force to be reckoned with in the racing world.

For that reason, it's no wonder she'll have a huge fan following when she competes in the Indianapolis 500, the biggest IndyCar race, which is only nine days away.

Here, 10 reasons why she deserves to be at the top of her game ...


1. She holds the record for the highest finish by a woman in the Indy 500's history, ever since placing third in the 2009 Indianapolis 500.

2. She's learned how to diversify her portfolio ... you know, by wearing various hats professionally -- model, actress, race car driver, etc.!

3. She's obviously fearless and VERY competitive. (She is an Aries, after all.)

4. She's earned admiration and praise from her colleagues. NASCAR's Tony Stewart (who was also an IRL champ) thinks she's got a lot of talent. 

5. She's also tight with one of the most powerful names in hip-hop, Jay-Z, having appeared in his music video for "Show Me What You Got."

6. Kids love her (she's won a Nick Kids' Choice Award for favorite female athlete), and that's a win-win, because her go-getter attitude likely sets a great example for girls. And boys probably love having a poster of her on their wall.

7. She has her own self-designed Hot Wheels toy car named after her -- the "Danicar"! Cute!

8. Danica made No. 96 on a recent Forbes list of the most powerful people in entertainment, popular culture, and sports. She reportedly makes $12 million annually! Nice!

9. She's gutsy off the track too. She was the one who initially asked out her husband, Paul Hospenthal, who is 17 years her senior and was her physical therapist.

10. She's so good at what she does that she's the one in the driver's seat of her career. In fact, although she won't say for sure what the future holds, this may be her last time racing on the Indy circuit.

And personally, I just love that she's a tough chick who doesn't have any trouble taking on the guys in super testosterone-loaded race car driving. No matter what she decides to do after this Indy, it's almost a sure bet she'll succeed.

Are you a Danica fan?


Image via David Shankbone/Flickr

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