Avoiding Pre-Game Sex Won't Help Players Score

footballRay Edwards of Minnesota Vikings fame (or possibly former Minnesota Vikings fame if they don't pay him what he wants) is taking his talents elsewhere tonight -- into the boxing ring. The football player is all set to duke it out in the ring tonight with TJ Gibson at the Grand Casino in Minnesota, and he wasn't messing around with his training.

Among what I imagine was a strict diet, loads of training, and purchasing the perfect pair of trunks, Edwards decided to abide by the old athlete superstition -- no pre-game sex. For six weeks! Oh, gawd ...


Edwards told TMZ:

I have not had sex in the past six weeks and will not until after the fight. No real boxer should have sex before a fight ... it affects your legs.

What? How do you know? You're a football player. And not only is this nonsense, but do we really need to be all up in your bitness like that? TMI, broseph.

The whole not having sex before a game thing -- I don't know, I guess I get it if we're talking, like, an hour or two before. But six weeks? By no means am I a nympho or a harlot, but doesn't that seem a little excessive? How is something you did over a month ago going to affect your performance? Is this just a euphemism for "didn't get any," Raymond?

Back in the day, pre-game sex wasn't only ... done (Wilt Chamberlain!), it was basically recommended. Before the 1969 Super Bowl, Joe Namath famously endorsed:

I went out and grabbed this girl and brought her back to the hotel, and we had a good time the whole night. It's good for you. It loosens you up good for the game.

Why the pre-game prudish behavior now, guys? There still isn't any science backing this notion up. And you certainly don't have a problem getting women. It all just seems like a silly superstition. Like avoiding breaking a mirror, not walking under a ladder, or flossing before your brush. It's all a bunch of poppycock.

Once the fight is over, I'm sure Edwards will be back to bird-doggin' the chicas like athletes (who don't have games) tend to do. And if the lockout ever ends, Edwards plans on trying to work both as an NFL player and a professional boxer. Playing for both teams? That could get kinky.

What do you think about no pre-game sex?


Image via ElvertBarnes/Flickr

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